Sponsor a Medigogy Webinar

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Sponsor a Medigogy Webinar

Offer a one hour webinar through our Medigogy platform (www.medigogy.com) to our email list of over 19,000+ practitioners so you can educate them about your products and services.

Your webinar announcement will be sent to our list of 19,000+ practitioners of TCM, ND and Functional Medicine. Your sponsored webinar will be listed on the Medigogy website as an upcoming live webinar and the recording will remain on the website in our archives for free viewing.

You can have your logo on power point slides and mention your products and services during the webinar.

This is an excellent way to:

  • reach our practitioner list of over 19,000 (comprised from Pro D Seminars, Integrative Fertility Symposiums and Medigogy)
  • educate practitioners and inform them about your products and services
  • One email will be sent to our list of 19,000+ about your webinar. 
  • Plus we will send out another 3 emails to those who sign up to be notified about your webinar:  
    • (1) reminder handouts ready,
    • (2) reminder live webinar starting and
    • (3) notify when webinar replay ready
  • The recording will continue to be accessible on archive page to have continued views (the gift that keeps giving).
  • We will also provide you with code to use on your website to play the recording directly on own your website.

And we make social media post through Facebook and twitter too

Here are two examples of sponsored webinars on Medigogy:

  1. The Benefits of Maca for Fertility and Reproductive Health
  2. Learning from Pharmaceutical Bacteriotherapy: Understanding the Role of True Probiotics in Clinical Practice

Things to Note!

  • Webinar length is max 60 min (including Q&A).  Lecture recommended to be 25-45 min
  • Medigogy provides moderator
  • Education is the most effective way to create fans of your products and services.

Please contact us if you have questions.

Advertising fee $2,995 USD