Medigogy Now Mobile Friendly

Medigogy Free TCM Acupuncture Webinars Now Mobile Friendly is now mobile friendly! This includes our live webinars, recorded webinars and website. We have tested support for iphones, ipads and a wide array of android devices. This has been a big push for us, however, we believe this is the way forward for both us and our viewership (you). 


Tips for a Friendly Mobile Experience


Live Free Webinars:

For live webinars, we suggest downloading adobe connects mobile app. It is free and easy to use.

Android version: Adobe® Connect™ Mobile
iOS version (ipad, iphone): Adobe® Connect™ Mobile


Recorded Webinars:

Medigogy's recorded webinars are now being produced in a mobile friendly video format. Simply click play on the video for the video to enter fullscreen play mode. 

We currently have tested and support the following systems and browsers:

Android (4+)
Default browser (any version): HTML5
Chrome (any version): HTML5
Firefox (any version): HTML5

Safari (any version): HTML5

Windows Phone (7.5+)
Internet Explorer (9+): HTML5

*(Please note, there are a few older recorded webinars on medigogy that are currently still being converted to our new video format. These recordings are ipad friendly. This should be completed within a month). 


Desktop Support:

We are continuing to offer desktop support (PC, Mac, etc) for all of our live webinars or recorded webinars!