Why The Evidence Base On Acupuncture Can Help Us Build Our Practices

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The remarkable growth in the number and quality of trials of acupuncture for a range of conditions has provided an excellent basis for getting the message out there about the benefits of acupuncture. Take for example the treatment of chronic pain, which comprises around 50% of most acupuncturists' practices. The latest data from the evidence base is that acupuncture significantly outperforms the "placebo" effect and it compares well with other physical therapies and with medication. New evidence on acupuncture for depression and for irritable bowel syndrome shows that there are longer-term benefits from a course of treatment. Moreover, the evidence from basic science research is providing us with an increasingly widely accepted understanding that acupuncture is a physiologically plausible intervention. We have an opportunity to be proactive and get across the message about the effectiveness of acupuncture to our local communities, and to our past and present patients. This presentation is designed to provide some of the latest evidence on acupuncture which in turn you can use to help to build and sustain your practice.

The following lecture was filmed in Nottingham England at the BAcC Sept 2015 conference. Medigogy has written permission from both Hugh Macpherson and Kevin Duran from the British Acupuncture Council to distribute this lecture recording through Medigogy.

Thank you to BAcC (http://www.acupuncture.org.uk) and also a special thank you to Hugh Macpherson (http://www.hughmacpherson.com/) for sharing this lecture that contains important information so acupuncturists can use this knowledge to educate the public about the health benefits and evidence supporting acupuncture.

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