What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do?

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Before making a clinical decision there is a special, sometimes uncomfortable, moment of not knowing what to do, moving from uncertainty to certainty.

In order to get the best clinical effect and create healing it is important to bring clarity and to see all the options. This can stem from understanding acupuncture points with wide application such as the Four Command Points, to Discussing 10-point protocol of Master Tung's "Magic Points.”: ST36, SP6, LI4, LI11, and LU7 as were used by the famous acupuncturist Miriam Lee who saw hundreds of patients a week.

The lecture follows this cross road giving an insight and guidance by unfolding this process from doubts to healing.

Thank you to ICCM http://www.iccm.org.il/en/congress-2017/) and also a special thank you to Yair Maimon for his permission to offer his lecture on Medigogy so practitioners can know what to when they do not know what to do.

This course was presented at the 2016 ICCM Conference in Tel Aviv as the Key note address..

Yair Maimon also offers an on demand recorded course through Healthy Seminars that was recorded at the 2016 ICCM in Tel Aviv. The topic is on The Extraordinary: What Makes Them Extraordinary? Clinical Applications of the Chong Mai and he goes into TCM view point of embryology. Great course for fertility acupuncturists. https://www.healthyseminars.com/product/extraordinary-what-makes-them-ex...