Talking about Breech Moxa: Your Questions About Safety, Liability, Techniques and More

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In classes, webinars, and on social media (!), Debra, Sarah and Claudia hear many success stories about breech moxa, along with uncertainty, fears and concerns about appropriate methods, time frame and contraindications, as well as scope of practice. Some US insurance companies explicitly exclude the practice, while others do not.

Sarah will start with a discussion about safety, indications and contraindications. Debra will then continue by reviewing what been shown as effective in the research literature, as well as the techniques and time frames that have worked for all three of us and our colleagues in clinic. Claudia will clarify the legal problems relevant to scope of practice and malpractice, and will clarify which insurance companies cover the procedure and which do not. We will then answer any further questions.

Moderated by Dr. Lorne Brown ( and