Point Drifting: Re-aligning Modern Point Location to Improve Intentionality and Therapeutic Outcome

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The Systematic Canon (甲乙經 JiaYiJing/JYJ) is the very first complete acupuncture manual dating from the 3rd century where all subsequent manuals including modern TCM-based point locations trace their ancestry. Comparison of modern points with JYJ point reveal a trend of Point Drifting where point location differs between modern and classical times. Research into the neuro-anaotmy of JYJ locations reveal a precise match of specific nerves and muscles, whereas TCM point location would often completely miss these important structures.

Poney will share numerous examples of Point Drifting to demonstrate classical authors had an amazing understanding of anatomy and were trying to pass down this knowledge to future generations. Poney will demonstrate using a case study how applying neuro-anatomical understanding to classical points, results in focused intention, better needle precision, leading to excellent clinical results.