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Title Presenter Speaker
The Treatment of Knotty Diseases: How Effective Use of Classic Formulas can Transform your Clinic and Practice Sharon Weizenbaum
Effectiveness of Acupuncture During Pregnancy Presented by Sarah Budd Sarah Budd
The Pot Talk Leon Hammer
PCOS, Fertility, and Functional Lab Testing - Clinical Pearls Leslie Oldershaw
Bridging the Chasm: How to Talk to Physicians About What Matters to THEM! Christian Nix
Fighting Adrenal Fatigue with Functional Medicine Dan Kalish
H.Pylori: How to Diagnose and Resolve Heartburn, Reflux, Stomach Pain and Nausea Dan Kalish
How to Solve Allergies with Functional Medicine Dan Kalish
Bringing Order to Chaos - How to Simplify (and Revolutionize) Herbal Prescribing in Your Practice Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer
Understanding and Preventing Failed Pregnancies: Perspectives from the History of Chinese Medicine for Women Yi-Li Wu
The Heart-Mind Connection Leon Hammer
Respect in the Therapeutic Relationship Leon Hammer
The Science of Gua Sha: Anti inflammation and Immune Protection Arya Nielsen
Acupuncture Journal Club - The Craig IVF Acupuncture Protocol: A Failure or a Success? Claudia Citkovitz, Lee Hullender Rubin
All Disease Becomes Autoimmune: Understanding the Autoimmune Process Michael Gaeta
Moxa: Picking Mugwort, Making Floss Lorraine Wilcox
That Study Is Wrong: The Truth About Research Marlene Merritt
Common Sense Nutrition Marlene Merritt
Menopause and the 8 Extras Meridian Yvonne Farrell
Neuropuncture -Theory and Mechanisms Michael Corradino
Point Drifting: Re-aligning Modern Point Location to Improve Intentionality and Therapeutic Outcome Poney Chiang
Electroacupuncture: Basics Don Lee
Using Modular Tinctures in a Modern Women's Health Practice Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer
Acupuncture Before Birth: To Induce or Not to Induce, That is the Question Debra Betts, Sarah Budd, Lorne Brown, Claudia Citkovitz
Listening to the Ear: How Auricular Medicine Can Guide Clinical Treatment Muriel Agnes
Rooting the Spirit - Sun Si Miao's 'Ghost Points Rani Ayal
Shanghan lun and the Jingui yaolue: Why You Can't Be an Advanced Chinese Herbalist without Studying Them Stephen Boyanton
The Benefits of Specialization in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Chris Axelrad
Metabolic Syndrome & the Spectrum of PCOS Dagmar Ehling
An Introduction to Organic Acid Testing Dan Kalish
Pediatric Practice Building: How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Mistakes that Slow Your Growth Robin Green
Treating Degenerative Autoimmune Diseases with Chinese Herbs Heiner Fruehauf
The Importance of a Clear Diagnosis Part I Sharon Weizenbaum
Neuropuncture for Cervical, Head, and Facial Conditions Michael Corradino
Let's Talk Poo: Loose Stools Robin Green
The Importance of a Clear Diagnosis Part II Sharon Weizenbaum
7 Ways to Calm a Cough Your Pediatrician Won't Tell You Robin Green
Is It Really ADHD? Or Is It Just Your Child's Attention Style? Robin Green
Acupuncture Journal Club: Acupuncture Research 101 - Becoming Research Literate Debra Betts, Claudia Citkovitz
Practical Practice Growth: 5 Simple Strategies for Growing Your Practice Dan Clements Dan Clements
Intro to Classical Acupuncture Ed Neal Ed Neal
Shen as the Basis of Acupuncture Technique Ed Neal Ed Neal
Infertility and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss - It Could Be Subclinical Hypothyroid Leslie Oldershaw Leslie Oldershaw
Male Fertility - Timing is everything! Randine Lewis Randine Lewis
Reproductive Age - Share Your Hope Randine Lewis, Ph.D., L.Ac.,FABORM Randine Lewis
Key Points for Treating Bleeding in Gynecology Sharon Weizenbaum Sharon Weizenbaum
A Biomedical View of Shang Han Lun Will Morris Will Morris
Love in the time of Star Wars. The Archetypal Energies of the Ren & Du Mai Yvonne R. Farrell. DAOM, LAc. Yvonne Farrell