Mending The Mind: A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Brain Health

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Webinar Description
As baby boomers come of age, the incidence of Alzheimer’s is increasing at a rapid rate, with currently more than 1 in 3 people dying of the disease. It is considered the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer and there is no cure. Or is there? Research is being published showing a reversal of cognitive decline in humans, bringing patients back from lives that had been curtailed by their inability to work, drive, or recognize the people around them. Perhaps we should look at cognitive decline as a roof with many holes — a drug may manage one, but there are many holes left unattended. Learn how to recognize and address the root causes of dementia from a nutritional, herbal and functional medicine approach, not just for your patients but also for yourself and your family.

Learning Objectives
You will learn:
What is normal memory loss and what is not
Why Alzheimer’s is now being called “Type 3 Diabetes”
The multiple causes of neuroinflammation
Nutritional issues involved with cognitive decline
Steps you can take to prevent cognitive decline, regardless of your genetics

Pro D Seminars Courses
Marlene has courses on Pro D Seminars. Nutrition: The Forgotten Pillar of Chinese Medicine approved for 13 CEU/PDA/CPD and Mending the Mind: Using Nutrition, Herbs and Lifestyle To Reawaken The Brain From Dementia approved for 7 CEU/PDA/CPD