Managing Multiple Styles in the Acupuncture Clinic: Opportunities for Insight and Dangers of Delusion Along the Way

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Acupuncturists are routinely faced with accommodating multiple clinical styles and perspectives within their practice. The integration and synthesis of distinct acupuncture styles can be a formidable challenge. We will discuss a framework for clarifying this process.

Three distinct scenarios will be considered:

(1) integration through simple additive combination,
(2) integration through enlarging the tool-chest of choices, and
(3) integration leading to synthesis.

We will discuss the important distinction between integration and synthesis and some key features of critical self-inquiry and clinician development that make this process fruitful. Daniel's personal clinical experience with a particular Matsumoto-Nagano acupuncture protocol and classical Neijing pulse-taking will be discussed as an example of synthesis emergence through critical clinical self-inquiry.