Learning from Pharmaceutical Bacteriotherapy: Understanding the Role of True Probiotics in Clinical Practice

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The human body contains 10 trillion human cells outnumbered by 100 trillion bacteria cells, and we are learning more about how important these 100 trillion passengers are every day. Though the pharmaceutical industry has understood and embraced techniques for effective probiotic therapy for 50 years, up to 95% of current products on the nutritional market do not meet the requirements of a true probiotic as outlined by clinical studies by the Human Microbiome Project and the Colorspore Project. These studies further demonstrate the benefits of a true probiotic, which include improved and complete digestion, immune development and modulation, and key nutrient production. In this course, participants will learn how well established probiotic foods and almost all of the probiotic products in the marketplace fall short in providing much benefits for their patients, as well as clinical applications of commensal spore based organisms in health and disease.

This webinar is sponsored by Megaspore. Visit them at the 2017 Integrated Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, Canada, March 30th-April 2nd. For more information on Megaspore, visit their website at: http://www.gomegaspore.com/