Journal Club - The Impact of Whole Systems Traditional Chinese Medicine on IVF Outcomes

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In this Medigogy presentation, Dr. Lee Hullender Rubin will present her study, The Impact of Whole Systems Traditional Chinese Medicine on In-Vitro Fertilization Outcomes. When patients attend acupuncture to support their assisted reproductive treatments, they may be treated with more than just a few needles by an acupucnturist. In the real-world, they can receive a more complex treatment like Whole-systems traditional Chinese medicine (WSTCM) which can include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary, lifestyle recommendations. But, WSTCM's influence on in-vitro fertilization outcomes is unclear. Until now. Her retrospective cohort study of 1,231 IVF patient records assessed the effect of adjuvant WS-TCM on IVF outcomes compared among three groups: IVF with no additional treatment; IVF and elective acupuncture on day of embryo transfer; or IVF and elective WS-TCM. She will review the study in detail and answer questions.