Intake and Diagnosis: Case Examples with Sharon Weizenbaum Part 1

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Part 2

In part one of this two-part webinar, Sharon will first break down her diagnostic process and then in part two, offer two case studies as examples of this process. You will learn how to avoid jumping to conclusions so that the diagnosis is based on what is known for sure.  You will see that, when see symptoms for what they are, rather than what they seem to be, the diagnosis often reveals itself and is not something we have to figure out or guess at.

How do we go from a patient walking into our clinic to a well crafted diagnosis and treatment method that we can feel confident about? What do
you do with the information you gather? How do you process this information? Often the process a practitioner uses is vague and the diagnosis can feel
murky or like a good guess. It can be difficult to apply the treatment in a focused way when this is true.

Speaker Biography:

Sharon Weizenbaum has been practicing for over 33 years (Since 1983). She has never stopped studying both in China and in North America. She learned to read traditional medical Chinese so she could access and
translate source texts. Sharon is the director of White Pine Institute where many teachers have been hosted and which is the home to the Graduate Mentorship Program. The Graduate Mentorship Program is a two-year course for practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine which hones the practitioner's ability to clearly diagnose and apply classic and modern formulas.

Sharon is offering a discount to those who have taken her Pro d Seminars courses. Contact Sharon directly or Pro D for more information on savings for her Graduate Mnetorship Program that begins September 2016.

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