The Holistic Manifestation Method

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The Holistic Manifestation Method is a heart based business model for practitioners who are dedicated, committed and motivated to making a difference for their clients’ health and well-being,
It is a model that builds on your compassion as a practitioner and will help you take care of yourself and your practice so you can take care of others. This method is also a personal growth introduction and manifestation model that will open new perspectives on how you want to grow your business

The Holistic Manifestation Method will help you attract clients to your practice who are as equally committed to their health and well-being and it will show you how to partner your desire to help more people, expand your business and collaborate with yourself on a deeper level and give you keys to what makes manifestation really happen, taking you deeper than The Secret.

Learning Objectives

• Discover the process of creating a new or improved reality combining the spiritual and human self
• Understand why its important to deprogram and reprogram the ego to become a tool of the spirit and help you and those around you expand and transform
• Bring your own goals to this program and watch how you can take them to the next level

- The importance of coming from a place of inspiration and
expansion to open other’s hearts
- The impact of being of service to others
- Why committing to your inspiration will bring momentum and
creative flow to your goal and ultimately synchronicities to
help you on your way
-The fundamental steps to letting go of sabotaging belief
patterns and learning to rewire your brain expansively and create
new positive visceral experiences
-The key to bringing more life to your heart based business and
infinite possibilities

Nicola has two courses on Pro D Seminars: The Holistic Manifestation Method which this lecture is an introduction for, and Aromatherapy Apothecary.