Facebook Live with Lorne Brown

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Join Lorne Brown as he speaks about running a successful clinic. This series of four talks were on Facebook Live in November 2016 and are now available for your viewing pleasure.

Day One focuses on hiring associates.

Day Two is a Q&A that discusses being a referral magnet, marketing 101, and Lorne’s 2 cents on electronic filing (EMR).

Day Three expands on the popular topics of Day Two.

Day Four features Lorne sharing his biggest secret that entrepreneurs use to move through fear while taking risks and achieving the potential you know you have.

Lorne's book Missing the Point: Why Acupuncturists Fail and What They Need to Know to Succeed - http://missingthepointbook.com

Integrative Fertility Symposium - https://ifsymposium.com

The PDF download Lorne uses at Acubalance for hiring admin can be downloaded from http://www.prodseminars.net/fblive