Bringing Order to Chaos - How to Simplify (and Revolutionize) Herbal Prescribing in Your Practice

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Now that your fertility practice has expanded, are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you worry about whether your clinicians are making sound fertility diagnoses and herbal prescriptions? Are you buried in messy powders and an avalanche of general-purpose herbal inventory, but afraid to change your approach? Do you wish for an herbal system designed specifically for fertility patients - that could bring simplicity to the chaos while increasing the quality and consistency of care?

Past ABORM President Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer shares how modular tinctures – optimized for fertility care - can revolutionize your practice. Learn how easy it is to shift to a modular tincture system that will improve the quality of constitutional diagnoses, increase the effectiveness of prescriptions, and turn your pharmacy into a peaceful, clutter-free paradise.