The Aromatherapy Apothecary - 14 Therapeutic Essential Oil Profiles for Practitioners

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A simple, effective and powerful system of utilizing the gentle and profound benefits of essential oil plant medicine in your practice to enhance and accelerate your clients’ well-being.

Nicola Salter, combines the art, science and application essential oils, simplifying it for your practice by focusing on 14 key essential oils and demonstrates the best uses for essential oils in topical application for clinical, emotional/energetic and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices.

Learning Objectives

• The energetic and therapeutic components of 14 key essential oils that will become the core of
your practice.
• How to use essential oils to enhance your practice and give your clients the opportunity to continue self-healing at home
• The contraindications of essential oils
• Research findings of the benefits of essential oils
• The healing power of aroma to create new healing experiences
• The basics of synergistic blending
• Blending oils for key emotional and physical issues
• Key clinical functions for each of the 14 oils
• Key traditional Chinese medicine functions – for each of the 14 oils
• Key emotional benefits for each of the 14 oils
• Purchasing oils and insurance in your practice
• Bonus Aromatherapeutic remedies from Nicola’s new book, Hot Water for Tea

Nicola has two courses on Pro D Seminars: Aromatherapy Apothecary which this lecture is an introduction for, and The Holistic Manifestation Method.