Acupuncture Journal Club: Effects of Acupuncture during Labor and Delivery - Citkovitz et al, 2009

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Journal Club hosted by Claudia Citkovitz, M.S., L.Ac. with Special Guest, Debra Betts.

At hospitals and schools, Journal Club is one of the most important ways that health professionals learn how to communicate about the relationship between research and clinical practice. After years of teaching young acupuncturists to function in a hospital, it's crystal clear to me that a big barrier to our effectiveness in communicating to physicians what we have to offer, is a simple language issue: if we don't take the trouble to become fluent in their language, then we are waiting for them to learn ours. (Never say never, but I wouldn't hold my breath). My goals in hosting this online journal club are: 1, to highlight interesting studies that may prove useful in talking to docs about what you do, and 2, to model and teach some of the concepts and verbal habits that I find lead to greater openness and interest from the medical staff in my work.

For each session, we'll download and read a journal article, and discuss its strengths, weaknesses and clinical applications. I'll try to strike a balance between promoting great work and debunking bad studies, while encouraging you all to develop critical thinking about research. In general I'll try to use free articles, but I'm starting with this one because I know it best -- and because it's still the only acupuncture study that relates to birth as it is in US hospitals, with high rates of epidural and C-section. Here is the URL for the short abstract version: