Acupuncture Before Birth: To Induce or Not to Induce, That is the Question

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Lorne Brown (Canada) leads a discussion with Debra Betts (New Zealand), Sarah Budd (United Kingdom) and Claudia Citkovitz (USA) about making clinical decisions around the use of acupuncture for pre-birth, cervical ripening and induction treatments in pregnancy. Breech treatments and whether to needle or not to needle Bl-67 will be discussed too.

There have been many discussion on Facebook asking for advice of when to treat, is it safe to treat with acupuncture, what points to choose during the weeks leading up to birth ,and the frequency of treatments in a week.

Debra Betts, Sarah Budd and Claudia Citkovitz will share research and their clinical experience in treating women with breech babies and preparing them for birth using acupuncture.

So.... join Debra Betts, Claudia Citkovitz and Sarah Budd-Bell for this one hour free webinar where they discuss using acupuncture to prepare women for a positive, efficient and safe birth. Plus when to induce and not to try induce with acupuncture

Please Note: due to a delay during recording, there are a few instances of speaker overlap in the following video.